Questions to Ask Before Scheduling an Area Rug Cleaning Service

You've spent some big bucks on that area rug, but you're beginning to notice that it's not looking its best. Let's face it; area rugs are some of the most expensive pieces in your home, so you want to take good care of them.

Before you schedule an area rug cleaning service, there are a few things you might want to ask the area rug cleaner:

1. How Often Should I Clean My Area Rugs?

Area rugs should be vacuumed regularly and spot cleaned when necessary. Professional cleaning can extend the life of your area rugs by preventing dirt from getting embedded into the fibers. All area rugs need a professional cleaning every 9 to 12 months.

2. How Should I Prepare for a Professional Cleaning?

Any area rugs on wood, tile, or laminate floor should be removed and not put back until cleaning the area rug. If you can't move your area rugs, make sure to vacuum underneath them thoroughly before area rug cleaning. Remove area rugs from furniture by sliding them off unless secured on all four sides.

3. What Caused My Area Rug to Stain?

Pets often cause urine stains on area rugs, but they can also be caused by someone not cleaning their shoes properly before entering the house. Another common cause of stains on area rugs is food and drink spills, one of the most common being red wine.

4. What Kinds of Area Rug Stains Can You Remove?

Most area rug stains can be removed, even old ones. Just tell the area rug cleaner about your rug's material so they know how to treat them. For example, some cleaning agents may damage natural-fiber area rugs.

5. What is Your Cleaning Process?

Most professional companies clean with hot water extraction or a combination of dry and wet cleaning. Your area rug cleaner will want to know the size, shape, and fiber content of your area rugs, as well as any spots or stains you're concerned about removing.

6. Can You Clean My Area Rugs While I'm Away from Home?

Many companies now offer a mail-in service where they will pick up your area rugs, clean them and drop them off at your front door. If this is an option, you should ask what the cleaning company does with the area rugs while they are away. Will they be locked in their office or warehouse? Can someone pick them up during business hours without charging extra fees?

7. What Method is Right for Me?

The method of cleaning area rugs depends on several factors: the fiber type, size, shape, and any stains or spots you want to remove. Area rugs with fringe should be cleaned by hand, not machine washed. If you're concerned about how your area rugs will look after cleaning, it's a good idea to ask for before and after photos.

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