Getting Rid of Mold with Expert Carpet Cleaning

Mold in the home is not desirable, but mold on your carpet can be even more problematic. It creates smells that are difficult to remove and may lead you to replace the carpeting entirely.

The first step is to identify what type of mold it is on your carpet, which you will likely need an expert for because the discoloration may be slight. However, some clues will help you determine what type of mold it is and if you can remove it with professional carpet cleaning.

Signs of Mold on Your Carpet

If you have a moldy carpet, some signs will become evident when you see the mold in your home.

Discoloration on the Carpet

One of the first signs of mold on your carpet is discoloration. This may be in large patches or slight streaks, but if some spots do not seem to come out when cleaned, you likely have mold growing in these areas.

The Smell of Mold

As soon as you notice a smell coming from the carpet, you likely have a mold issue, even if it does not match that musty, damp smell. Mold produces an unpleasant smell difficult to cover up with cleaners. It can create a severe problem for your health as well as your carpet, so do not ignore this sign.

Carpet is Warm to the Touch

When the carpet in your home is warm, this is an indication that you have a mold issue. Mold loves dark, moist areas to form and grow in, so if the carpet has been damp for any amount of time, it will become warm due to the presence of mold.

You Can See Mold Growing

It may go dormant for some time, but you can see mold growing on your carpet if it has been wet for a while. The dark spots and smudges of discoloration that cannot be removed will be clear signs of mold spores growing in your carpet.

Other signs of mold on your carpet include small black dots that form along the surface or numerous fine brown lines that appear to be burrowing into the carpet.

Mold Removal Process for Carpeting

If the mold on your carpet was caused by water damage, start with drying out the area so that you can prevent future growth. Next, remove all affected fibers from the carpet if possible and dispose of them after sealing them in a bag for safety.

You can also remove the carpeting if the mold is on a very small section, but you may have better success calling in a professional.

Call Joe's Best Carpet Cleaning for Mold Removal from Your Carpeting

Ultimately, if you have mold on your carpeting, the best thing to do is call a professional service for assistance. That way, you can protect both your health and your home from mold damage.

Call Joe's Best Carpet Cleaning today for more information about how we can help with any concerns that you have about mold removal from your carpeting.